A Little History of 60 Plus

Many of our group began the chat experience in the WBS 60+ chat room. That room began in May, 1996. Apparently it was very slow at first... the odd chatter wandering in from time to time and leaving messages for any others who happened by. That small group persevered and things soon began to pick up. Long before the end of the year, there was a large and vital group chatting there.

It was a very busy room and chat was new and exciting for us. It seemed that you could find people in the chat room at almost any time of the day or night. Being able to talk with others from all over the world so easily was a new and wonderful experience. The group continued to enjoy the WBS 60+ room for more than 3 years until, unfortunately, the WBS chat rooms were all closed on September 15, 1999. We were saddened to lose our first chat home that we'd enjoyed so much.

However, a new room had been created for us by that time at BigBob's Chat System and, although some chatters had wandered away during the process of changing rooms, a lot of the group moved together to the 60+ room at BigBob's. We called that home for the next couple of years until it was announced that those rooms were also being closed. It was now the Fall of 2001 and we found ourselves displaced for a couple of months.

Folks tried to keep in touch through various other chat programs and chat rooms during this time and, again, we lost some chatters along the way during all the changes. Finally, our current room opened on SFWest on December 20, 2001 and we were pleased to have a new home and we continue to enjoy the chat experience begun back in those early chat days in 1996. It began with old friends made years ago and continues to be enhanced by new friends who have joined us along the way and who have become a solid part of this chat community. No doubt, it will be further enhanced by newcomers who will knock on our door as time goes by.

We reminisce often about the "old WBS days" and miss the chatters that we've lost over the years for a variety of reasons. Although it's not likely to ever be again like it was in the early years of chatting, we still seem to enjoy gathering in "the room" on a pretty regular basis. It's still an awesome experience for many of us... we are truly a global community. Hopefully, we will continue to enjoy each other's company for many years to come.

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