Chat Room Help

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The following contains additional information about how the chat room works. Hopefully, this will
help to make your visits to 60 Plus an enjoyable experience.


After signing in with your user name and password, you will see a screen with messages and a box at the bottom where you type your message. Then you need to click on the "Chat" button to either send your message or to see new messages from others. This is the DEFAULT mode of chatting. In this mode, when you click "chat" to send your message, it also refreshes the screen so if you haven't read all those messages before you hit the chat button to send your message, you won't see them all unless you scroll back to get them.

The other chatting mode that you can choose is "FRAME1" (button is below where you type your message). In this mode, you'll have a split screen. The bottom part is where you'll type your messages and the top is where all the messages appear. They work independently of each other so that when you send your message, it won't automatically change the screen above. You refresh that screen when you're ready to. In Frames mode, you have a button to "send" and a button to "refresh".

The room doesn't scroll automatically in either mode. You will need to use the mouse to move the screen up or down using the arrows on the bar at the right of your screen. The messages run from the top, with the newest message appearing at the bottom of the scroll. The time noted on the messages is Pacific Standard Time.

In order for pictures to show in the SFWest chat rooms, they need to have a URL (a web address - starts with http:// etc) to post. This means that they must be "uploaded to" or stored on a website. This provides you with the URL that you must then "copy and paste" or type into the little box down near the bottom of the chat screen that says "PICTURE URL".

The link to some free picture storage sites are shown below. Pictures used in the chat room shouldn't be too large. Some picture storage sites allow you to adjust the size of picures before you use them in the chat room.

Other chatters are always helpful with tips about pictures.

A couple of free picture storage sites....



The room list (found when you click on the box that says "Public" right next to the Chat button) is often misleading because some don't log out when they leave the room by using the "Exit" button (located near the bottom of the chat page). So, please don't think that people are in the room and just not replying to you.. they are likely long gone.

Noticing the time (room is Pacific time) on the last message posted might be helpful to give you some clue if anyone is still there and posting messages. It's a good idea to use the Exit button when you leave to help keep the list accurate and avoid confusion for others.

If you are a new chatter and find the room empty when you visit, please try again. It changes quickly sometimes. Apart from 8:00-11:30 p.m. Eastern time, there are no special times when you can be certain to find people in the chat room.

The room is often unoccupied but people are looking in at all different times throughout the day and evening in hopes of finding others there to chat with so don't give up too easily.

New chatters are very welcome and it's hoped that you'll enjoy your visits to 60 Plus.

Clicking the "Save Setup" button saves a small secure cookie in your browser so that the next time you enter the chat: your username, password, picture and font size/colours are automatically supplied for you. NOTE: If your computer cookies are deleted this information will not be saved and you will need to enter that info each time you visit. Some people have their computers set up to delete cookies regularly and so would not be able to use the "Save Setup" feature.

If you are able to save setup successfully, it means that you can just click the "ENTER" button without typing in your name and password each time plus your picture and font selections will be saved from when you saved your setup on a previous visit. Any time that you change either your picture or font selections, you will need to save your setup again to keep those changes in place.

TO SAVE SETUP: After you have your picture in place and text and handle choices made, you must post once or twice BEFORE you click on the "Save Setup" button. You must follow this procedure every time you make a change to your selections.