There are often things to be found on the net that are fun to read or that include some useful information. This page will be the place where some of these can be shared. It will be a real mixture and always a work in progress... sites being added or removed as time goes on. Next time you're waiting for someone to show up in the chat room, you might like to spend a minute or two browsing here.
Did you wear a poodle skirt? Have a peashooter? Which fads do you remember ???
Fads Past and Present
Listen to many old radio shows. It's great. Take a little walk down memory lane here.
Old Radio Programs
This one has a lot of stuff you didn't know you needed to know.
Strange Facts

Classic movies of our times... interesting browsing.
Movie Classics
Afraid of spiders...? heights...? You can find a name for just about any fear here.
Phobia List
See which products have been recalled in the U.S.
Recall List

See which products have been recalled in Canada.
Recall List
A place where you can check for potential drug interactions including supplements.
Check for Drug Interactions
Check if the latest weird email story is truth or myth.
Urban Legends
Ever wonder what happened to some of those former newsmakers...?
What Ever Happened To...
It's fun to hear different accents from all over the world
Speech Accent Archive
This is a site filled with lots of interesting tidbits.
Farmers Almanac
A cross-referenced site with info on current and old movies,actors etc... .
Internet Movie Data Base
Explore the day you were born.... headlines, prices, movies, etc.
Your Day in History
Is that food safe to eat ?
Keep It or Toss It ?
(suggested by Chia)

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